Fe 550 TMT Bars

Jai Raj Steel TMT Bar’s superior design, engineering and quality manufacturing process provide the ideal strength, endurance and toughness required for today’s construction industry. Our flagship product, Jai Raj Fe 550 TMT bars, is manufactured in sizes ranging from 8 mm to 32 mm and caters to a wide range of construction requirements. We were the first in South India to venture into commercial production of TMT that conformed to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Mechanical Properties of TMT Bar a per IS: 1786- 2008 
GradeFe 415Fe 500Fe 550JAIRAJ Fe 550
Yield Stress Min N/mm2415500550>550
Tensile Strength Min N/mm2485545585>600
Elongation % Min14.5121018 %
II. Chemical  Composition as per IS : 1786 – 2008 
GradeFe 415Fe 500Fe 550JAIRAJ  Fe 550
 Carbon %0.30%0.30%0.30% 0.25 %
 Sulphur  %0.060%0.055%0.055% 0.050%
 Phosphorus %0.060%0.055%0.050% 0.050%
Sulphur & Phosphorus%0.11%0.105%0.10%0.10 %
Maganese %0.5% to 1.2%0.5% to 1.2%0.5% to 1.2%0.5% to 1.2%
CE %< 0.42 %


Saving in weight and cost of construction by JAIRAJ Fe 550 TMT Bars

GradeTMT Fe 415TMT Fe 500JAIRAJ TMT Fe 550
Design Strength415 N/mm2500 N/mm2550 N/mm2
Quantity required1.000 MT0.854 MT0.809 MT
% of saving in weight14.6%19.15%


Our policy
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Continuous technology upgradation
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Care for the environment
Our quality control systems
  • Only high quality raw material
  • Consistent innovation to improve processes
  • Highly evolved systems
  • Strict sampling and testing
  • Highly qualified and motivated team
  • Efficient supply chain with prompt deliveries

“I recommend Jai Raj TMT because of the deep relationship they have with each of the dealers. The product is of consistent quality and performs well in any application.
– Jai Raj steel dealer

Why Hyderabad trusts Jai Raj TMT?

Design. Made in India

The design of the Jai Raj TMT bar has evolved over 30 years. We are hungry to innovate and look at each small detail. The unique pattern of the bars ensures better grip with concrete.

Quality. Made in India

Our steel comes with the Jai Raj guarantee of quality – Pure Fe 550 grade TMT conforming to IS: 1786-2008. Our products exceed stringent quality standards required by BIS.

Trust. Made in India

Jai Raj TMT has been used in some of the most prominent structures in Hyderabad, including Park Hyatt, Punjagutta Flyover, Hyderabad Central, Prasad’s IMAX, Godavari Bridges and in Chennai at Leela Palace. For over 30 years, trust has been an important operating principle for us.

Fire resistance. Made in India

Jai Raj TMT bars will help protect the integrity of structures in case of a fire hazard. Test results indicate no loss of strength up to 500º C.

Performance. Made in India

Each Jai Raj TMT bar scores high on parameters of ductility, elongation and strength, making sure that the steel in your structure always performs as expected.

Corrosion resistance. Made in India

Each Jai Raj TMT bar has inherent qualities that resist against corrosion. Our quality control employs rigorous testing methods to ensure that each bar stands the test of time.

Earthquake resistance. Made in India

Jai Raj TMT has been designed with a high stress ratio, high ductility and elongation parameters. This ensures greater structural stability even against natural forces such as earthquakes.

Weldability. Made in India

Jai Raj TMT bars are a welder’s delight and provide great performance with either butt welding or lap welding.


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